BROTHER P-TOUCH Tape/12mm Black on yellow f P-Touch (TZe-FX631)

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The TZE-FX631 is a flexible ID laminated TZe Tape Cassette primarily used for the identification of cables and fibre, this 12mm black on yellow Brother flexible-ID label tape cassette has been developed with a special adhesive that allows the label to be either wrapped repeatedly around a cable or can be stuck to itself in the style of a flag. It is also suitable for other applications where there are tightly curved surfaces such as pipes and conduits. Use the various features of your P-touch labelling machine to print durable labels on demand, quickly and efficiently. TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install and come in various label widths, colours and materials – ensuring your P-touch machine can be used for all labelling needs. Brother P-touch laminated labels have been developed to last, even under extreme conditions and are able to withstand extremes of temperature, sunlight, water, chemicals and abrasion.
  • 12mm wide, 8M long
  • Black text on yellow label
  • Flexible ID tape perfectly suited for cable wrapping and bending
  • High quality Brother Genuine Supplies Tested to the extreme to be resistant to fading, water, chemicals, abrasion and temperature extremes
  • Compatible with Brother P-touch label printers